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The Digital Cookie is Crumbling

But your marketing doesn’t have to.

We’re not going to say that intelligent retargeting and look-alike modelling don’t have their places. But with the user privacy protections now in place by Apple and the upcoming changes from Google on the horizon – we know that other tech entities can’t be far behind.

But the market’s loss of that consumer access doesn’t need to be your loss. In fact, by investing in direct marketing now, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors as Google’s new privacy restrictions become active as well as any other industry giants.

That’s because with SMS marketing, your audience belongs to you.

Building your direct marketing list typically doesn’t happen overnight (although if you’ve been collecting your consumers’ information from the get go through your point of sale, it may feel like it did).  But the effort spent here means that your audience is 100% yours – your competitors cannot get access unless you give it to them.

Stemless has invested in the tools it takes to run intelligent retail text message marketing campaigns with as little effort as possible.  Our custom landing pages, loyalty programs, and text-to-join keywords mean you can always be working on building your list without lifting a finger.

Secondly, the thing about your consumer data is that it’s the best kind of consumer data – first party.  You didn’t buy this from anywhere else, an algorithm didn’t extrapolate what it thinks your customers are like based on guesswork – this information is what your customers are telling you about themselves: who they are, where they live, what they like, and even what they don’t.  It’s a marketer’s gold mine – and it’s 100% yours and exclusively yours (see first paragraph above).

Lastly, this bounty of first party, 100% owned-by-you data lets you do something that retargeting claims it does but can’t – personalize your messaging to each potential consumer in your audience. Have you ever bought something online and then had that product follow you around for the next week? It’s every consumer’s dream to be sold the same item they just purchased, right? Just kidding.  So much for retargeting’s claim of personalization – how specific can your ad be if it didn’t even know your consumer already bought something?

It’s always tough when a strategy you’ve been working on stops because of forces outside of your control. But this challenge offers etailers and retailers new opportunities that are more fruitful, powerful, and ultimately, will bring in much higher returns.

For more information, reach out us at to see how we can help you effortlessly build your SMS list so that you can harvest the power of your own data.