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Flowhub and Stemless: Your Dispensary POS Upgrade

Flowhub POS integrates seamlessly with Stemless.

A pivotal focus here at Stemless is the strength of our point of sale (POS) integrations. Without them, our automated SMS campaigns, targeted text messages to specific customer groups, and loyalty programs wouldn’t function effectively.

Although mass text messaging can be beneficial, it’s not the ultimate solution. The key for dispensary owners lies in equipping themselves with powerful tools that enhance their point of sale systems.

For success in the fiercely competitive cannabis retail industry, it’s essential to have tools that deliver real-time data. These tools equip decision-makers with the insights they need to stand out and compete successfully.

As such, Stemless and Flowhub are teaming up to offer an exciting solution with our integration. We’ve collaborated to provide innovative solutions for business owners. Our focus is on boosting store visits, encouraging repeat customers, and enhancing sales.

The Power of POS Integrations

POS integrations are key to boosting automatic SMS campaigns, targeted messages, and loyalty programs. They help businesses connect better with customers. But, dispensaries need more advanced tools to stay competitive. This is where the unique partnership of Stemless and Flowhub comes in.

The combination of Stemless and Flowhub’s strengths gives dispensaries a new level of efficiency. They can also increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Flowhub’s POS integrations give dispensaries access to real-time data.

This means you can make decisions based on facts, improve marketing efforts, and offer personalized experiences. Stand out from the competition—use the advanced features of Flowhub & Stemless to boost your dispensary’s performance.

Benefits of Integrating Flowhub POS with Stemless

With this latest integration, retailers using Stemless and the Flowhub POS will be able to:

  1. Use targeted filtering

Create highly targeted marketing campaigns using tailored SMS messages. Utilize valuable customer data, including age, purchase frequency, product categories, and revenue generated per customer.

Smart marketing involves creating messages that your perfect customers connect with. It’s about reaching them in a way that sparks interest. This way, you can boost engagement and steer your cannabis retail business to success. Whether your business is in a physical location or online, our solution keeps your customer lists tidy and easy to handle.

Achieve marketing precision and effectively reach your target customers with tailored messages. Stemless segments your customer list, enabling you to send personalized SMS messages that deeply resonate with your audience. Enhance customer engagement and boost campaign success with our powerful segmentation features.

  1. Leverage powerful automations

Start automated campaigns that welcome new guests and offer them special incentives. Use the ‘set it and forget it’ feature to let your campaigns run smoothly in the background. This way, you can concentrate on your main business activities. Embrace this game-changing integration to experience greater efficiency and enhanced customer engagement.

  1. Track campaign efficacy

Easily track crucial data such as purchase history, product preferences, and spending patterns. By utilizing our powerful POS integration with Flowhub, cannabis dispensaries can take it a step further.

Layering customer transaction data with specific marketing campaigns reveals the true impact of your marketing strategies. Uncover which campaigns drive purchases, entice repeat business, and boost overall revenue. Gain a competitive edge in the cannabis retail market with these actionable insights.

  1. Understand customer behavior

Understanding your customers’ behavior is crucial for dispensary owners. We analyze how your customers respond to marketing messages and how they act without them. At Stemless, we empower you with valuable insights to make informed marketing decisions that deliver optimal results.

By having this data at your fingertips, you can create effective strategies that resonate with your target audience and drive growth. We offer innovative tools and solutions that make use of customer behavior data. This allows you to create personalized marketing campaigns in the cannabis retail industry. Using our tools, you’ll be able to increase customer engagement and succeed in this competitive market.

The POS integration between Stemless and Flowhub make both work better together

Why We Love Flowhub

Flowhub stands out in its role of ensuring compliance in the often complex landscape of the cannabis industry. Their regulatory agility not only eases operations but also provides a significant advantage to cannabis retailers like you.

Next, Flowhub’s universal sign-ins feature lets you manage all features and locations from just one login. This simplifies your tasks and boosts security, which is critical for dispensary owners. And their user-friendly mobile apps and the ability to customize and automate tasks on-the-go are a godsend.

Trusted by Cannabis Industry Experts

Stemless and Flowhub have offered trusted tech solutions to cannabis retailers for over ten years. Stemless excels in delivering personalized customer engagement tools, encompassing targeted text messaging, custom loyalty programs, and efficient review management.

Flowhub provides a robust cannabis POS system that assures compliance automation and emphasizes on shaping delightful customer experiences. Together, we’ve harnessed the power to automate tasks, launch text campaigns, and devise custom loyalty programs.

Discover how Stemless and Flowhub can elevate your dispensary’s performance. Schedule a no-obligation demo today to explore personalized customer engagement, automated text campaigns, and custom loyalty programs for your dispensary.

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Q: What are the associated costs for integrating Flowhub POS software with Stemless?

A: Integrating Stemless with Flowhub doesn’t come at any additional cost. We’re committed to making our services both efficient and easy to use. That’s why we’ve ensured the integration process is smooth and cost-effective.

For more details about our pricing, take a peek a here: Flexible Plans

Q: What kind of support can I expect after integrating Stemless with Flowhub?

A: Our customer support team is committed to resolving any issues promptly—ensuring a smooth journey for you. This seamless integration helps in improving efficiency, reducing errors, and providing a better customer experience. Our main goal is to make your experience as easy as possible.

Q: How much does Flowhub cost?

A: Flowhub offers different pricing plans, each filled with features designed to simplify your cannabis dispensary operations. These features include touch screen billing, inventory management, customer account profiles, and more.

You can find the specifics of these plans and the features they include on their website. For dispensaries with unique requirements, Flowhub also provides custom plans tailored to your needs.

To get a detailed understanding of Flowhub’s pricing and the cost of their services, visit their website here: Flowhub Maui.