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Stemless & Cova – You guys. We made it official

Stemless is SO excited to announce our OFFICIAL partnership with our longtime integration partner Cova.

So why does it matter if it’s official? Because unofficial third party integrations cost dispensaries using Cova an extra $60/month. With Stemless – the monthly cost of the integration is FREE.

If you’re thinking, “that’s nice, it’s free, but what’s in it for me?” Wonder no more. With Stemless and Cova, you can:

  • Create automated welcome messages to first time guests, and special incentives and greetings to return guests
  • Create text message marketing campaigns based on age, frequency of purchases, product categories purchased, and even dollar spend
  • Track campaign efficacy – did the guests you sent a message to come in? How much did they buy?
  • Track guest spend and each guest’s average time between purchases

Make your data work for you. With Stemless and Cova, you can – seamlessly.