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Stemless + Blaze POS = the Marketing Integration you need

Dispensary marketing doesn't need to be difficult. With Stemless all cannabis dispensaries can reach their customers easily.

At Stemless, we’re strong believers that inventory programs and retail platforms are best utilized when they’re integrated with your entire suite of business tools.  Regardless of which of our products you use as a Blaze point of sale dispensary owner, our powerful integration is guaranteed to effortlessly increase revenue.

Custom Loyalty Programs

Loyalty marketing can be difficult to handle. Moreso if you’re relying on budtenders and staff to calculate and tally points at the cash register. And if you’re a dispensary retailer, don’t think you can just hand over your marketing strategy to your retail POS provider. Most POS systems aren’t built to run a powerful native loyalty program.

Most native programs don’t allow customers to check their points balance at home or view potential rewards digitally on their own devices. On the cannabis dispensary side, point of sale systems restrict you from awarding fractional points and impede doubling points during specific windows. They even disallow you to incentivize your customers with extra points for purchasing specific products in specific categories or brands.

It doesn’t matter how you award points. Whether it be for check-ins, purchases, or even providing you key information such as their email address or date of birth. Stemless’s seamless integration with Blaze captures all the customer information you need to award points from your Blaze point of sale system.

Would you like to offer your customers double the points for all purchases made on Giving Tuesday? What about rewarding your regulars for coming in before noon on weekdays? The Stemless and Blaze POS integration empowers you to concentrate on running your business while our platform tallies up your customer’s point totals behind the scenes.

A properly executed rewards program builds long-term customer engagement and loyal customers that maximize sales. No customer engagement strategy is complete without a well thought out customer retention program.

Targeted Text Message Marketing

Given the restrictions in advertising, it’s well-known that no dispensary marketing program is complete without an SMS marketing component.

But there’s no need to send mass promotional messages to all your customers when you can leverage the Stemless and Blaze POS integration to create an integrated marketing strategy.

Customer Contact Lists Updated in Real-Time

Keeping your contact lists clean and up to date is easy once you pair Blaze together with Stemless. Stemless pulls in your existing customers at regular intervals and keeps track of which customers have been sent messages and at what frequency.  Stemless tracks which customers have opted out to keep you TCPA compliant. And regardless of a customer’s opt-in/opt-out marketing communications status, the platform still tallies every consumers’ loyalty points.

Don’t simply rely on word of mouth in your text message marketing campaigns when you can run integrated marketing campaigns.


If you’re like most dispensary owners and managers, you offer your consumers multiple products and services. So when it comes to text marketing, why message your entire contact list at the same time?

Our exclusive Blaze integration segments your audience by transactions in real-time. So you can pinpoint your edibles purchasers, your die-hard vape buyers, and how much overlap exists between those two groups. Dispensaries can also run this segmentation for every other product category your physical location carries.

Cannabis dispensaries can even create layered audience segmentations that isolate (for example), sativa flower purchasers between the ages of 25 – 45 that have been in the store in the past month. Our layered segmentations are powered through our Blaze POS integration. They allow dispensary owners across the US and Canada to save thousands of dollars monthly on their text messaging bills.


Our Blaze point of sale integration also allows for dispensary owners to create set-it and forget-it automations. Stay in the forefront of your customers’ minds as you wish them happy birthday, without even lifting a finger. Welcome new customers who made their first purchase with you and tempt them to shop with you again through targeted texts and deals. Dispensaries can even entice their fade-aways (customers who used to be regulars but haven’t shopped with you in over a month), to come back.

5-Star Reviews Management

The Stemless + Blaze Integration can even send timely reviews requests to your customers, being mindful of the ideal quantity and frequency of messaging they receive.  We even ensure that once a customer has filled out a review on your behalf, we don’t ask them to do it again. Stemless recognizes that every visiting customer is a potential 5-star review waiting to be written.

For the customers that have visited and had less than a stellar experience, we collect their reviews and send them directly to our retail dispensaries. In doing this, we bypass the ability to post a negative review online for the world to see.  The Stemless platform is singularly focused on collecting as many reviews as possible and posting only the ones that make your retail establishment look good.

Stemless makes setup a breeze

Setting up your Blaze POS system with Stemless is easy. All we need is your BLAZE API key for each retail location you’d like to integrate, and how far back you’d like Stemless to begin pulling transactions from.  

You can setup each location on its respective location setup screen within the Stemless portal.

In a nutshell:

Stemless does the heavy lifting so that our dispensary owners using the Blaze point of sale system don’t have to. We focus on the features our retailers want the most and tool our system to provide those services, seamlessly.

With Stemless working together with Blaze POS, you’ll get:

  • Around the clock real-time live data transferred straight from Blaze to Stemless
  • A cannabis focused marketing platform from the get-go—no banned words and no carrier restrictions.
  • A next level marketing platform with robust tools for consumer segmentation, automation, and text message blasts
  • Increased opt-in rates with iPad apps, QR codes, and customizable text-to-join words to grow your customer contact lists
  • In-depth and detailed performance analytics available for every campaign you send.
  • Five-star customer reviews, automatically posted to Google.