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Stemless and Greenbits Power Digital Marketing Strategies

Stemless and Greenbits. The integration partners you need.

At Stemless, we pride ourselves on our ability to play nice with other tech companies. We know that at the end of the day, retailers need all of the data they can access to be organized efficiently, neatly, and actionably. Your dispensary marketing strategies can’t work if you you’re only looking at half of the big picture.

Unfortunately, this is an especially big objective for our cannabis industry clients. Adult use and Medical dispensaries don’t have the the ability to use pay per click (ppc), or buy ads on social media. Instead, they depend on services like direct digital marketing to reach their customers.

The fact is, dispensary POS systems are relatively new compared to their POS systems that support other industries.  The cannabis industry’s needs are also highly specialized. Most digital marketing platforms aren’t in a position to support retail dispensaries in their business marketing goals.

That’s why we’re very excited to tell you more about our latest integration with Greenbits. There are so many powerful tools that our cannabis retail customers will now have access to as a result.

Let’s run down what our partnership with Greenbits POS system offers dispensaries looking for cannabis marketing solutions.

1) Say goodbye to mass texting and hello to hyper filtered messages

Send the right message to the right subscriber at the right time. There is a time and place for mass texting, but make sure you can also send more specific messages. That way, you can ensure that the SMS messaging your customers receive is appropriate for them.  Not all messaging services provide this – a POS integration is mandatory.

2) Send automated SMS messages

A comprehensive texting service has the ability to send automated SMS messages, but it only works if the texting service integrates into your POS system. With our powerful Greenbits integration, Stemless processes your customer transactions to create detailed contact lists that keeps track of purchases, birthdays, and store visits in real time.  With our text message services, cannabis dispensary marketing has never been easier.

Wish your customers happy birthday, collect only five-star reviews, and even win back customers that haven’t purchased from you in a few months. We provide you with best-in-class marketing tactics by automating the process of keeping in contact with your customers. Once you input your customers’ phone numbers into your Greenbits POS system, the sky’s the limit.

3) Get the SMS analytics you need to make smart decisions

Typically, the most in-depth analytical reports are only available in online marketing, but Stemless provides you with the same quality of data across your SMS marketing campaigns. Social media marketing is an expensive dollar investment without actionable analytics, and content marketing (while valuable) is a long up-hill climb if you want to rank highly on search engines.

But we’ve optimized text message sending and email marketing to give you the value for your dollar.  And we prove it by showing you how much revenue the customers who have sent and received texts from you have spent with your retail establishment. We provide your opt in and opt out rates. And you’ll see whether you’ve received text messages from your customers.

Stemless helps retailers and brands through our Greenbits Integration
Dispensary owners nationwide trust Stemless as their marketing platform of choice

Make sure you’re getting what you need out of your vendors

Choosing to work with a retail POS system isn’t just about choosing what works with your retail store. It’s important to consider how well your retail POS system works with your overall sales strategies – and marketing is an important piece of that.

Choosing to work with a POS partner that doesn’t integrate with your other vendors diminishes the user experience your customers will have with your store, and ultimately, decreases the amount of dollars they spend with you.

Stemless doesn’t complete retail POS integrations to check a box, our retail integrations are completed with the single minded goal of making both platforms more powerful, to service our retail customers with all the best that technology has to offer.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Customers won’t give away their loyalty for free and in today’s retail environment, the new customer expectation is to exceed expectations. You have to offer a great customer experience, consistently, in-store and online.

This is where Stemless has helped out tremendously. It’s a true benefit having a software package that not only makes it easy to provide our customers with a loyalty program, but also helps with patient communications and analysis of their buying/spending habits. Easy to use, Stemless provides a great user experience and meets our customer’s expectations in more ways than one.

For the Giving Tree team, it has provided great insights that we can immediately act on and in turn, better serve our customers.”

~ Alex Linderman, the Giving Tree team