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7 ways to market your small business locally

Today more than ever, every business interested in long-term growth is subject to intense competition. Retail competition simply doesn’t just come from our physical neighbors anymore. Today, small businesses are competing against other retailers in their community, and online. New stores are popping up all over, and established ones have to work hard to maintain…Read More

Message Board style texts – do they work?

Most retail dispensaries have had an increasingly difficulty time sending cannabis text messaging campaigns in the hopes of reaching their target audience. In the early days, cannabis dispensaries were barred from sending A2P campaigns through short codes, but that was about it in the United States.  Then, most cannabis dispensaries could prevent having their messages filtered…Read More

Stemless + Blaze POS = the Marketing Integration you need

At Stemless, we’re strong believers that inventory programs and retail platforms are best utilized when they’re integrated with your entire suite of business tools.  Regardless of which of our products you use as a Blaze point of sale dispensary owner, our powerful integration is guaranteed to effortlessly increase revenue. Custom Loyalty Programs Loyalty marketing can…Read More

Automated segmentation in digital marketing.

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Let’s start with the basics. What is segmentation anyway? If you’ve never heard the term “spray and pray”, let’s break it down: spray and pray is targeting as many of people as possible and hoping for the best. In sales, it’s robo-dialing, cold-calling with a standard script, and…Read More

Stemless and Greenbits Power Digital Marketing Strategies

At Stemless, we pride ourselves on our ability to play nice with other tech companies. We know that at the end of the day, retailers need all of the data they can access to be organized efficiently, neatly, and actionably. Your dispensary marketing strategies can’t work if you you’re only looking at half of the…Read More

Promote social responsibility with custom loyalty programs

Use your company loyalty program as a tool for good. When retailers and brands build out their loyalty programs, it’s easy to only consider purchases or visits per store when rewarding customers with points.  But as tens of thousands of companies selling products and services are finding out – consumers, especially rising Gen Z consumers…Read More

Deliverability can be a problem. But it shouldn’t be yours.

That’s what we’re here for. SMS has been on the rise, and it is quickly becoming the outreach channel of choice for both brands and consumers alike. With more brands using SMS, competition for customer attention is becoming fierce. That’s why it’s crucial that you get the right message in front of the right customer…Read More

The Digital Cookie is Crumbling

But your marketing doesn’t have to. It is not our official position that intelligent retargeting and look-alike modelling don’t have their places. There are certainly use cases where both provide immense marketing value to both retailers and brands. Our position is that a text message marketing strategy is just as potent. And with the ongoing…Read More

3 trends in small business marketing in 2022

It’s a mobile-first world Did you know that despite a global population of 7.8 billion, there are over 8.6 billion smart phones in use? This indicates there is more than 1 smart phone per user.  And that’s not all – almost 72% of users will access the internet solely through their smart phones by 2024…Read More

Automate your Google Review Management

Take control of your rating and get those 5 star reviews. As every retailer of a product or service knows, you’re only excellent if Google says you are. And of course, by Google we mean the customer reviews you’re potentially granted by the millions of people using Google every day. Whatever your reviews rating may…Read More