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Automate your Google Review Management

Take control of your rating and get those 5 star reviews.

As every retailer of a product or service knows, you’re only excellent if Google says you are. And of course, by Google we mean the customer reviews you’re potentially granted by the millions of people using Google every day. Whatever your reviews rating may be, Google puts it front and center. Your business’ rating shows up in the Google maps app, the Google search results, and your Google provided business information page.

Before we delve into how to make sure your Google rating is as strong as it can be

Why five-star reviews matter:

  1. Strong reviews translate into strong consumer confidence
  2. Great reviews show customer trust
  3. Investing in reviews is a long-term customer retention strategy

Let’s start with the first point, your ability to get good reviews translates into strong customer confidence. In marketing, one of your primary goals is to entice potential customers to begin their customer journey with you.  In order to do that, you need strong existing customer relationships to increase customer trust.  It’s kind of like the old adage, you’ve got to spend money to make money – except that investing in ratings is an effective customer engagement strategy with analytics and data to support it.

Secondly, great reviews show customer trust – to get good ratings, it means that you sell a great product or service. It means that your brand can be trusted to take care of issues when things go wrong. It means that your customer service team is friendly and helpful. 

Ultimately, a five-star rating shows potential customers that your business is worth their time and money because you’ll take care of them.

Lastly, strong ratings can provide you with a long-term customer retention strategy that your competitors will have a difficult time duplicating.  5-star reviews don’t happen overnight; they can take years of dedicated focus to quality products and a full-time customer service team to ensure any issues are aptly addressed.  

Investing in strong reviews today ensures that in the future, your business will appear much more attractive when it comes up in search engine results, or even on social media. If you measure customer engagement pre and post your reviews management campaign, you’ll see how much higher your customer engagement is once you’re business is rated above 4 stars.

Clearly, getting great reviews is important, but did you know how important your ratings are? To put it objectively:

Let Stemless help you get the reviews you deserve.

Every business owner has been in a position where the majority of their customers love their product, store, and/or service. Some of these consumers will leave reviews, but many unfortunately, will not.

And then you have the dreaded Incident; every retailer has a story about the one customer that was so hard to please, who hated everything, or perhaps was just having a bad day. Regardless of all the great work you were doing with thousands of customers before the Incident, this customer will definitely leave you a review; most likely a terrible one.

If you don’t have many positive reviews to begin with, the Incident’s review will stand out like a beacon, warning other customers to stay away from you.  Every small business owner knows what this negative review can do to your bottom line. Unfortunately, you can’t delete an unhappy customer’s review. At best, you can respond to it, but ultimately, unless the customer decides to remove it, it inhabits your business Google account forever.

Do you have a 5 star google rating? If not, Stemless can help

That’s where Stemless comes in.

With our exclusive reviews management software, we entice your customers to review you with timely automated messages immediately upon visiting your store. In practice, the sheer volume of customers that visit you daily have had a positive experience with you.  That’s why your return customers keep coming back and making repeat purchases.

By asking everyone that’s visited you to review you, you’re increasing the likelihood of raising your Google rating. You’re also more likely to bury any previous negative ratings under mountains of great reviews.

But that’s not all – the Stemless system also collects all the reviews your customers leave for you and funnel the best ones to Google where they can be publicly seen and divert the less than stellar reviews (the Incidents) directly to you. We know that our retailers strive to do their best with ever interaction but that sometimes things happen outside of your control.

By diverting 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star reviews straight to your inbox, Stemless gives you the opportunity to address issues directly with their customers.

By speaking to customers privately without an audience, you can address a customer’s concerns. Retailers can make customer feel like you are really taking the time to understand what went wrong and fix it. 

And, like all products powered by Stemless, we monitor your point of sale and CRM in real-time, to ensure that your customers receive the appropriate amount of reviews requests without annoying them, spacing out your reviews requests to allow sufficient time between asks, and not asking customer to review you when they already have.

Customer ratings matter; more specifically, your customerratings matter. So what are you doing to make sure that potential customers see your business in the best light? If you’re not sure, check out the Stemless Reviews Management product and get your ratings up where you need them to be.