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Guest enrollment should ALWAYS be this easy

A loyalty program only works when people use it. It can be a punch card, or it can be a state of the art system that tracks your guests across platforms and multiple retail locations – but either way, it only benefits you if your guests sign up.

So our biggest priority is to get guests in. Compliantly. While many of our retailers actively use our robust POS integrations, branded in-store iPad apps, and the Stemless portal to enroll their guests, we wanted to give y’all something a little more personal.

So we created an at home enrollment page. A waiting in line at Starbucks enrollment page. A sitting in your car waiting for your coworker to get in enrollment page. So that you could give the power of the signup to the people – your people.

But it’s not just an enrollment page. It’s a compliant, customizable, branded enrollment page with consent audit tracking. So you know exactly when they signed up, but more importantly, you know exactly when they consented to receiving promotional messages from you.

It’s a little thing. But it’s a big thing. A big little thing. Know what I mean?