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Deliverability can be a problem. But it shouldn’t be yours.

Stemless works tirelessly to ensure best in class SMS deliverability rates. If your marketing campaigns aren't reaching your customers, they aren't working.

That’s why we’re the experts.

SMS has been on the rise, and it is quickly becoming the outreach channel of choice for both brands and consumers alike. With more brands using SMS, competition for customer attention is becoming fierce. That’s why it’s crucial that you get the right message in front of the right customer at the right time to engage them.

However, communication isn’t always reliable — take the global Facebook and Instagram outages as an example. Disruptions across carrier networks, defunct phone numbers, and spam filters can all prevent messages from getting delivered, which prevents you from reaching your customers’ phones first.

How can you ensure that your business is getting its messages through to your customers? By working with a platform partner that prioritizes deliverability so you don’t have to.

Stemless has world-class deliverability that’s tried and tested. The platform does the work so that our retailers and brands don’t have to.  Stemless takes care of deliverability so you can focus on what’s important: getting the most out of your SMS marketing campaign and growing your business.

Reach your customers at the right time, every time

You need to ensure that the numbers you’re receiving from your customers are valid, and text-able before you can get in front of them. That’s when you can really start engaging with your customers and ultimately compel them to purchase from you.

That’s why Stemless provides best-in-breed tools to begin your customers on their customer journey, like web-based sign-up forms with custom QR codes, unique text to join keywords, and in-store loyalty iPads.  We include your existing customers by collecting their purchase activity through robust POS and CRM integrations and ensure customer retention by awarding them points based the products or services they purchase from you.

Because our host of tools verifies the numbers you collect, you can ensure that your messages are going to real people.

But even with all of that, people move, switch carriers, and let their current carrier contracts expire.  That’s why Stemless makes sure you can see who’s still connected by giving you live campaign stats with line-item level detail for every phone number you send to.

We do this for every one of our retailers and brands, no matter how many messages you send, the size of your customer lists, or which products of our you use.

But we know every retailer and brand (and every customer) is different, and what works for one might not for another. That’s why our expert-level customer service team is always on hand to share our expertise and knowledge. We ensure that you can reach your customers with the messages that matter most, when you need them to reach them the most.

Do you have customers across North America?

Is your store or brand active in Canada? With Stemless, SMS campaigns can reach subscribers there too. Stemless has provided SMS marketing tools to retailers nationally since 2015. 

We have a global network of carrier partners and aggregators to show for it – your messages will arrive in your customers inboxes regardless of any one provider’s service disruptions.  Unlike with our competitors, there’s no need for ad-hoc integrations with local providers or managing a complex network hub for each carrier on your own.

No matter what country you’re sending to, our platform is TCPA-vetted, so you can interact with your customers compliantly whether they’re domestic or international.  What better way to ensure that you can compliantly scale your text messaging marketing efforts alongside your business’ growth?

Our SMS marketing platform is designed for international reach and compliance with time zones, so your campaigns can be adapted as needed. Our platform accounts for time zone differences in every message you send, so you never accidentally disturb a subscriber while they’re sleeping

The information you need to make the right decisions. At your fingertips

We’re not asking you to take our word for it – we invite all of our customers to see it for themselves.  With analytics and reporting available as soon as you hit send on your campaigns, we give you all the transparency you need to see everything from subscriber-level deliverability details to opt-out rates. We make sure the pipes are working so you can focus on what matters: optimizing your marketing campaigns for maximum impact and sales.

“Stemless has been a seamless way for us to reward our customers and strengthen communications. It certainly creates loyalty. I especially love that I can see how well each text message campaign was received by customers through in-depth analytics.”— Stephen B., Owner, MindRitePDX

Just click send. Leave the rest to us.

Retailers and brands have worked hard to craft SMS strategies, and we want you to see results. Our team of customer engagement specialists are armed with deliverability know-how to help your brand connect with customers everywhere you operate with the best possible outcomes. We are always just a message away, offering 24/7 support to ensure your SMS marketing program is always delivering timely messages and powerful results.

At Stemless, we know how important it is that your messages reach your subscribers when you need them to. A message that doesn’t arrive when it’s supposed to can negatively impact customer relationships you’ve spent years cultivating –ultimately hurting their lifetime value to you.

We love the bells and whistles on our platform as much as you do – but none of that matters without what matters most: our investment in our best-in-class deliverability. We give our retailers and brands the confidence to send messages with us through our years of experience building out our global infrastructure alongside numerous carriers and aggregators – always optimizing for the best partners.

And we continuously run spot checks to ensure that the pipes are always working the way they’re supposed to. Our dedicated deliverability team never stops working to ensure that your messages go out reliably, quickly, and consistently. — Koushi Sunder, CEO and Founder of Stemless.

Stemless gets your message out. Every time.

Your text message marketing campaigns only work when they’re received. Trust Stemless with your deliverability, and you will always get your message across. Request a demo with one of our experienced teammates today.