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Create Loyal Repeat Customers with Automations

Encourage repeat customers and gain revenue while growing loyalty through MMS automations

Automations in SMS marketing campaigns have become a popular tool for small business owners. Text message automations allow you to have highly-personalized engagements with your customers, even after they leave your store. But sending texts to build brand loyalty doesn’t just happen. Great retailers know that good customer service and intelligently using customers data to acquire new customers and keep them happy is what builds customer loyalty long term.

Providing great customer service doesn’t mean that you business needs to invest in costly investments like service teams – at least, not when you’re still small. By focusing on consistent marketing efforts over a long period of time and focusing on a solid customer acquisition strategy can be done even if you’re the only employee of your retail or e-tail store.

And the best part is – it can all be done through the power of automations. Customer feedback, customer surveys, even your customer loyalty program can be run through SMS messages alone. To see how it all works, let’s go through what an Automation is, and more importantly, how it can help you create enormous customer lifetime value.

What are Automations?  

Text message automations are the automatic triggering of text messages to individuals or groups of customers without having to give it a second thought. 

Stemless ensures that you never miss another outreach opportunity again with a variety of powerful automated text message options to send to your customers. 

As soon as your customers input their information into an SMS subscriber management system, your automations start working for you.

What Can Automations Do for You? 

With a 91% open rate, text messaging marketing offers one of the strongest marketing value propositions. By automating your text message marketing campaign, you’re giving it wings. 

Now with an automated text message marketing strategy, you’re able to effortlessly:

  • Welcome your new guests
  • Entice repeat customers
  • Win back old regulars
  • Send un-belated birthday wishes

Once you set up your automations, you can forget it. Automations allow you to entice repeat customers by maintaining your marketing strategy’s consistency, without taking any extra time out of your schedule. 

Available Automations

The best time to send marketing text messages is at the right time. At Stemless Co, we consider automation to be one of the most powerful tools your business can use to drive a successful marketing campaign. 

New User Welcome Texts 

Use text message automations to welcome new customers to your business and begin their lifelong customer journey with your brand. 

An example of what a new user welcome text automation can look like for your business is: 

Insert phone image here: “Welcome to [Your Brand], [First Name]! We hope you had a great experience. We’d love to have you back in. Come back in the next 2 weeks and get 10% off your next order.”

Then that automation gets sent to every newly registered customer, without you ever having to look at your phone. Once your customers are opted-in for your marketing text messages, you can set your automations to keep the conversation going.

Welcome your retail customers with automated SMS messages

Repeat Customer Texts 

Reaching a new customer base can cost up to 25X times what it costs to bring in a repeat customer. Automated repeat customer texts allow you to continue to cultivate those fruitful relationships by increasing customer retention. 

Despite being one of the most economic, efficient, & sustainable customer retention practices available, only about  44% of retailers spend more on attracting new customers than on retaining current ones

 The truth is: your existing customers are your best customers. Not only do they purchase more of your products, they also purchase from you more often than your competitors. 

In fact, your repeat customers are 50% more likely to try new products your store carries. And even better still, one of our clients reported that repeat customers tend to spend at least 60% more than new customers in a single visit. 

So when that friend of a friend of a customer becomes your loyal regular, Stemless will reach out to let them know about promotions on their favorite products to bring them back into your store. 

Automated text messages help you reach repeat customers and grow loyalty

Win Back Your Customers 

Keep your small business winning big with automated customer winback messages. The winback automation can be set to send out time-sensitive incentives to encourage the regulars you’re missing to come again soon, before they fade away for good. 

Let’s say you haven’t seen your regular Tuesday customer in 4 Tuesdays, a winback automation will reach out to let them know what’s new. You can say: 

Insert phone image here: Hey, [First Name]! This is [Your Name] from [Your Brand]-long time no see. Pop back in soon to see what’s new! 

By sending your winback text at the right time, you’re increasing the likelihood of seeing your old customer back in. You can entice them even further by offering a time-sensitive discount or promotion as well. 

No More “Happy Belated,” with Automated Birthday Texts 

We don’t expect you to remember every one of your customers’ birthdays. Once your loyal customer inputs their birthdate, your business will automatically send them their birthday wishes.

Instead, your automations can send your customer a personalized birthday message that says:

Insert phone message with a GIF here: Happy Birthday, [First Name] from your friends at [Your Brand]! We wanted to make your special day extra special- stop in for your birthday gift! [Add GIF example]

Using GIFs in marketing makes it easy to make a memorable statement with your HBD text. You can also set your text message automations to send your customers an actual birthday gift or coupon code if they come in on their special day. If you’re looking for ways for your customers to brag about you on social media, you need the kind of customer service that goes beyond taking care of their problems, you need to make customers feel special.

Automated MMS messages grow customer loyalty and encourage repeat business

Text Message Marketing Automations with Stemless 

At Stemless, our SMS platform lets you reach your customers when you have something meaningful you want them to hear.

We do this by making the start of their customer journey as stress-free as possible. With text message automations & access to the best gifs, interacting with your brand has never been easier for your customers. 

To start sending your customers impactful messages, just select which automation you want to use. Then we make it easy to add value for your customer by providing you with the data necessary to deliver a personalized message. 

With Stemless we can help you set it and forget it. When it comes to customer acquisition and digital customer support, we can take care of the rest.

Schedule a demo to set up automations, and increase sales of your product or service, effectively create customer journeys, and do an amazing job retaining customers.

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