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Build Your Small Business with Powerful SMS Automations

Grow your customer base with powerful text message automations

You want set-it-and-forget-it automations that reach out to your customers on their first visit, wish them happy birthday on their big day, and remind fade-aways to stop by with winback marketing messages.

At Stemless, we’re not just looking to count some points and send some messages. We help retailers just like you grow your business. So, we’ve optimized small business text message marketing solutions to help your business grow automatically

What is an Automated Text Message Marketing Service? 

Stemless provides an automated text message service that allows you to schedule your text messages ahead of time. With a 91% open rate, text messaging marketing offers one of the strongest value propositions out there. But automating your text message marketing campaign gives it superpowers. 

Text message open rates are 5X higher than email. That’s why SMS marketing campaigns are quickly becoming the customer outreach channel of choice for small businesses. Stemless ensures that you never miss another outreach opportunity. Our suite of powerful automated text message options keep your customers connected to you when they’re not with you. 

As soon as your customers input their information, our automations start working for you.

How Does It Work?

Stemless provides a 100% user-friendly experience to newcomers who want to become your new regulars. We make starting their customer journey easy with web-based sign-up forms, custom QR codes, and unique text-to-join keywords.

Setting up your automated SMS marketing campaign with Stemless is painless for you, too, not just your customers.  Start by selecting which automation you want to use and then enter your customized message to your valued customers.

How Can I Use an Automated Text Message to Increase Customer Retention? 

Let’s start by defining customer retention, shall we? 

Customer Retention is the act of measuring and evaluating customer loyalty, and then planning and implementing processes to reduce losing customers. (Spoiler alert: every marketing solution from Stemless takes customer retention into account.). 

The Stemless SMS platform lets you reach your customers when you have something meaningful they want to hear. Our automated text message marketing strategy allows you to effortlessly:

  • Welcome your new guests
  • Entice repeat customers
  • Win back old regulars
  • Send un-belated birthday wishes

So you can increase how much repeat business your store gets, without taking any time out of your schedule. These customer specific messages go far beyond mass text messages.

turnkey customer loyalty programs are within your reach with Stemless text message marketing

New User Welcome Texts 

Welcome new customers to your business and entice them to come back in for a second purchase. With Stemless, retailers can automatically start building that lifelong connection. 

Retailers can create an automation that says, “Welcome to our store! We hope you had a great experience. Come back in and receive 10% off your next order.”

Then that automation gets sent to every newly registered customer, without you ever having to look at your phone.  Stemless makes marketing automations easy so you can focus on running your business.

Repeat Customer Texts 

Reaching new customers can cost up to 25X times what it costs to bring in a current customer. That’s why one of our top priorities at Stemless is to turn your first-timers into repeat customers. 

Of course we love newcomers, but the truth is: your current customers are your best customers. Not only does this customer group buy more products from you, they buy more often.  

They’re actually 50% more likely to try new products and services your store carries. One of our clients even reported that repeat customers spent at least 60% more than new customers in a visit. 

Winback Your Fade-Aways

Stemless keeps your small business winning big with automated customer winback messages. The winback automation sends out time-sensitive incentives to encourage fade-aways to come back again. Our win back campaigns help prevent them from fading away for good. As every retailer has experienced, winning back lost customers isn’t easy.

Let’s picture a scenario where you haven’t seen your regular Tuesday customer in 4 Tuesdays. The Stemless winback automation will reach out to let them know what’s new. And by adding visual attention-grabbers like gifs, we make sure your customer win back message can’t lose. Stemless can help you turn inactive customers back to regulars with our customer win back strategy!

No More “Happy Belated,” with Automated Birthday Texts 

The best time to send marketing text messages is at the right time– and the right time is probably now.  

Luckily for you, once your customer inputs their birthdate, your store will automatically wish them a happy birthday.

Our informal poll shows that 100% of customers love being acknowledged on their special day. Stemless has access to the best gifs for text message automations. Retailers can also give their customers a special birthday gift or coupon code if they return on their special day! 

Set It & Forget It Now

There are thousands of ways for you to market your small businesss. But Stemless knows that SMS is one of the most powerful marketing tools currently available. Mass text marketing campaigns have their place, but the best sms marketing platforms use automations to truly power your business.

Now that automations are available for your small business, there’s no reason to miss out on customer outreach opportunities. If you’re a retailer interested in specialized text message marketing solutions, schedule your demo and set up your automations today!