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Are you sending your best texts? (part 1/3)

One of the first questions we get when we onboard a new store is “do you have any examples of great texts?”  And the thing is….we’ve seen some wildly successful campaigns in the past, but a great text for one store, may not be a great text for your store. 

But there are some best practices that anyone can undertake to make sure they’re sending out text messages that are captivating and do what they’re intended to do – lead to increased sales.  When we started writing all of these down, it became obvious that there was just too much substance to put into one post, and of course, not every point would be relevant to every store – so in the spirit of our first cornerstone, targeted messaging, we’ve broken this article up into 3 easily digestible sections. Enjoy!

Sending to a smaller, more targeted audience can have greater engagement

Not everyone is interested in everything – that’s great news for you!

We can’t stress this one enough.  It may seem counterintuitive to not send out a blast to your entire client list, right? It’s easy to think that the more people hear your message, the more people will buy from you.  But the reason Stemless collects customer preferences is so that you can increase engagement by sending your upcoming pre-roll sale campaign to your customers who told you they were interested in pre-rolls. It’s usually not worth spending those extra marketing dollars to send texts to people who never told you they liked pre-rolls in hopes that a few of them will come in and buy one today because you texted them.

It’s easy to think that the more people hear your message, the more people will buy from you.

The other problem with sending out too many messages to too many people is that you risk attrition. Attrition is when people decide they hear too often from you about things that aren’t relevant to them. We want to avoid attrition as much as possible because you worked hard for years to cultivate your customer list – we want to do everything we can to help you protect it and grow it. Sending a message to someone who wants that message ensures that they find your communication with them relevant, and they’ll likely stay on to hear more.

In the ideal world. Your campaigns would only be delivered to the exact group of people who are going to be enticed to buy from you. Since in reality there’s no way to ensure that, we’re playing a numbers game and betting on the people who are voicing their preferences to you. By breaking up your campaign send lists into targeted segments according to what people are interested in, we can ensure the highest level of people will be interested in what you send them, and are the most likely to convert into sales.

That said, we want to make it very clear that it’s not wrong to send a message to all of your customers. When you do send messages to everyone, make sure it’s valuable to everyone – like a storewide sale on all products, special holiday hours, grand openings of new locations, etc.