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8 Cannabis dispensary POS software systems (part 1/2)

Grow your dispensary's business with the right dispensary POS partner

Cannabis dispensary owners are faced with business challenges unlike any other industry due to constantly changing regulations. Cannabis industry technology companies like Flowhub, GreenTill, & Treez offer POS platforms. These software systems come prepared to keep your cannabis business profitable and compliant in a new and fluid market. 

In this two part miniseries, we’ll explore 8 different dispensary retail specific point of sale systems. These systems can streamline and improve your operations significantly: 

1. Flowhub

CEO Kyle Sherman witnessed the shortcomings of existing platforms used in the cannabis industry. He then sought out to create software that would increase workplace efficiency and ease the stress of compliance. In 2015, Flowhub was born. 

Flowhub offers cannabis dispensary POS software, compliance, & business management software. Sherman thoughtfully designed the platform to be user-friendly– allowing you to spend less time on onboarding. Flowhub is also compatible with Mac, Windows, or iOS. So you can access your dispensary’s POS from any desktop or tablet, and customers can check in from their phones.

Flowhub also offers the Flowhub Cashier App to search inventory and apply loyalty program points in its customer loyalty program. Loyal customers can earn loyalty points and earn rewards seamlessly when partnering with Stemless. You can even fulfill online orders from your dispensary’s iPad or tablet. 

The Flowhub point of sale system features a unique cloud architecture. It’s designed to negate sales loss due to power outages or slow network performance. This cannabis platform is also seamlessly integrated with applications such as WeedMaps, Stemless, Jane, & Leafly. See how Flowhub pairs with Stemless to drive measurable revenue growth here.

The Flowhub retail platform processes over $3B in sales annually. Schedule a demo for your cannabis dispensary here


Founded in 2017 by Chris Violas, BLAZE is a cannabis technology platform that specializes in track & seed-to-sale technologies. Part of our cannabis business suite, BLAZE is now one of the largest cannabis industry POS systems available in North America.

The BLAZE POS system allows you to keep your cannabis operation paperless. It includes a comprehensive iPad application that can be used to collect digital agreements and makes repeat purchases a synch.

The dispensary retailer application allows for customers to check-in and add themselves to a queue. Customers can also complete their age verification right from their phone. This feature also allows for data capture for retailers.

The OS & Android compatible drive applications makes it simple to scan products from any phone, accept and track inventory. BLAZE keeps micro businesses in mind by adding features that allow them to transfer between locations in seconds. BLAZE also hosts Metrc compliance integration, making compliance an afterthought for your cannabis business. 

3. Greenline POS

Greenline is a Canadian cannabis retail infrastructure company that was acquired by BLAZE in May 2022. BLAZE is now one of the only cannabis software systems available in both Canada and the United States. Their cannabis inventory management program compliantly sells to both adult use and medical cannabis customers.

“Acquiring Greenline adds value to prospective clients by giving them the ability to expand their footprint into the U.S. or Canada using the same software provider,” said BLAZE CEO Chris Violas.

With the Greenline cannabis POS, transactions are kept stress-free with their customer age restriction display and cannabis weight calculations. Honoring purchase limits, the system automatically blocks any transaction over 30 grams. Layering Stemless on top of Blaze’s POS system allows customers to seamlessly collect loyalty points through your dispensary’s points program. They can then check their points balances and redeem rewards from the comfort of their homes.

The Greenline cannabis POS is user-friendly and kept simple with your marijuana dispensary sales staff in mind. This POS also features integrated payment processing to eliminate human error during sales transactions. 

You’re free to use the devices you’re most comfortable with for your cannabis operation. Greenline supports iOS, Android, and web POS. To schedule a Greenline demo for your Canadian cannabis operation, click here

4. Treez

Treez is a cannabis industry technology company started in 2016 by co-founders John Yang & Shareed El-Sissi. One of the ultimate systems in business management tools, Treez is a cloud based dispensary POS system.

Treez offers a multitude of solutions for your cannabis operation. Some of the currently offered business solutions are the SellTreez POS, and cannabis dispensary inventory management. Although credit cards are banned, they are able to offer multiple cashless payment options that ensure compliance through every transaction. 

The SellTreez POS has been formulated to increase transactions and profit margins. It allows you to manage your inventory with ease & decrease potential losses due to unorganized inventory. The SellTreez Customer Management module also decreases customer wait time. It utilizes its efficient check-in process with the iOS Customer Check-In App.

Treez is currently the market-leading cannabis platform for transaction volume in the state of California. Which, as we know, is the largest cannabis market in the United States. 

If these four retail dispensary systems aren’t what you’re looking for, please stay tuned. We’ve got part 2 of our dispensary POS miniseries coming out next week.