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8 Cannabis dispensary POS software systems (part 2/2)

Evaluate your options when it comes to cannabis pos retail systems

Welcome back to part 2 of our two-part series on POS software for dispensary retailers. Today we’re going to through the next four POS systems Stemless integrates with: MJ Freeway, Greenbits, Leaflogix, and GlobalTill. Each of these cannabis software systems has its strengths, weaknesses, and specialties.

5. MJ Freeway

MJ Freeway released their cannabis business software in 2016.  It’s considered by many to be the OG of cannabis dispensary inventory management systems. But its foundation begins 6 years earlier in a small dispensary in Colorado. Jessica Billingsley is a tech professional and early cannabis dispensary investor.

She saw an opportunity over a decade ago to create the first cannabis industry specific software. She partnered with fellow tech teammate Amy Poinsett. The two went on to launch MJ Freeway Business Solutions as we know it today. 

The MJ cannabis POS software creates detailed records that include demographics. So you can give your staff the ability to take patients & customers through the full sales cycle.

The dispensary POS system is an excellent tool to have in an online world. It supports multiple incoming order workflows such as in-store, online, pick-up, a cursory loyalty program, and delivery orders. The POS Customer Profile Report will also automatically capture your customers’ preferred purchasing method and purchase history.

The MJ Cannabis POS system comes fully integrated to state systems for compliance & safety reporting. Metrc integration also allows for effortless compliance for all your marijuana dispensary’s transactions. Most budtenders working in adult use states have had experience with MJ Freeway, which is an added bonus. Prior experience means less resources spent on staff training.

6. Greenbits by Dutchie 

Founded in 2017, Dutchie is a cannabis industry technology platform that offer cannabis inventory management solutions.  Included in its portfolio are Greenbits POS for seed to sale tracking, e-commerce, compliance integrations, and more.

Greenbits by Dutchie is an easy to use POS designed specifically for dispensaries: Cannabis is different from ordinary retail. Built with an intuitive design and automated compliance, focusing on customer interactions has never been easier. The Greenbits POS register is also integrated with Dutchie’s trustworthy internal payment solution to maximize budtenders’ transaction volume. 

For your dispensary’s inventory needs, Greenbits automatically syncs your sales data and activity in real-time. This cannabis POS system automates sales and product performance reports with helpful infographics. It gives you the insight necessary to make well-informed business decisions. 

To receive a demo of Greenbits by Dutchie’s full cannabis business suite for your dispensary, click here.

7. LeafLogix

LeafLogix is a powerful powerful piece of business management software made to help your business grow.  And fun fact – it was acquired by cannabis industry technology leader Dutchie in 2021.

LeafLogix POS was designed with the entire length of the retail supply chain in mind. LeafLogix allows you to track your plants from cultivation to distribution and everything in between. This way, you can ensure that your plants are in good hands until they reach your customer.

Say hello to increased efficiency. LeafLogix helps grow your dispensary’s delivery business with features that allow you to plan routes. You can also assign multiple orders to your drivers in seconds. LeafLogix cannabis POS also offers detailed reporting to present key metrics to internal and external stakeholders. 

8. GlobalTill

Canadian retail management software company GlobalTill offers “first-class Cannabis support,” in a highly regulated market. 

The GlobalTill cloud-based cannabis POS cuts onboarding down to a modest twenty minutes. Most customer transactions are completed in an astounding 20 seconds. You can also rely on GlobalTill to keep you selling through internet outages. They’ll sync your system’s data as soon your computers are able to rejoin the network. 

GlobalTill emphasizes their compliance reporting meets both Canadian federal and provincial requirements. They align with Health Canada, and Statistics Canada, in addition to each provincial board. GlobalTill allows your cannabis operation to function and adapt as regulations continue to change for the cannabis industry. 

Ensuring compliance also means managing government mandated purchasing limits. GlobalTill’s built-in hockey goalie blocks any sale that goes over a customer’s regulated limits. It also provides you with your dispensary’s full transaction history. With GlobalTill, you can sleep peacefully knowing you’ve never oversold to any of your customers. 

GlobalTill’s cannabis POS comes fully integrated with Leafly & Budvue so you can effortlessly publish your dispensary’s cannabis products availability. GlobalTill is also browser-based, so you can access it wherever you may be. 

So there you have it – some of the most well used and liked cannabis POS systems in the industry.  No matter which one you choose for your retail store, Stemless has API integrations with all of them. Amplify your customers’ retail experience by rewarding customers and encouraging repeat purchases, with Stemless’ customer loyalty programs. 

If one of these POS systems doesn’t strike your fancy, check out our full list of integration partners here.