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3 trends in small business marketing in 2022

Mobile Small Business Marketing Strategies

It’s a mobile-first world

Did you know that despite a global population of 7.8 billion, there are over 8.6 billion smart phones in use? This indicates there is more than 1 smart phone per user.  And that’s not all – almost 72% of users will access the internet solely through their smart phones by 2024 no broadband or at-home dial up connection to speak of. 

Today, only 15% of the population does access the internet that way.  In fact – 71% of All Black Friday to Cyber Monday purchases were made on mobile devices. Desktop computers and broadband internet heading in the same direction as the landline. Make sure your small business marketing strategy is mobile-forward.

Desktop computers and broadband internet are going the way of the landline. Make sure your small business marketing strategy is mobile-forward.

By using text message marketing strategies, retailers and brands have 160 characters to reach their customers with the messages that matter. And Stemless marketing tools provide the same analytics and actionable insights for sms campaigns that were previously only available to email lists.

Targeted text message marketing to reach retail clients

Privacy is paramount.

Social media behemoth Facebook’s advertising algorithm had quite the shakeup this year Apple released their increased consumer privacy updates.  In the pursuit of protecting consumers, Google says it will soon be following suit. Retailers that aren’t obtaining explicit consent straight from their customers are the ones most likely to be left out in the cold. Protecting customers from unwanted messages is the goal, and the beauty of mobile marketing campaigns is that your customers are explicitly opting in to receive your SMS marketing campaigns.

While retargeting and look-alike models have their place, why not focus on the data that matters most? The information directly given to you by your own customers. From sharing their preferences with you via Loyalty programs, biographical data through Intake Forms and Purchase History through your own point of sale, your data will be unique, powerful, and most importantly – not available to any of your competitors. It’s any small business owner’s gold mine.

Lastly, Customers WANT to hear from you – but only if what you’re saying matters.

At Stemless, we believe your marketing campaigns should be sending the right message at the right time.  Automatically filtering contact lists in real-time based on previous purchases ensures that you’re targeting the people who care about the item(s) you’re promoting. Using filtered text messages as a part of your marketing plan allows you reach your hyper-focused target market.

Sending timely automated sms messages like wishing your customers happy birthday on their big day, or asking them how their experience in your shop was after they stopped by. Both are cornerstone features of our automated text messaging marketing platform.

We collect the cues customers give you in all the different ways and places they give them to you, so that you’re having the conversations with them that they want you to have. By using the message filters in our messaging app, your call to actions will be more powerful, and have greater conversions at more affordable prices than any other platform available.

Keep these three trends in mind as you plan out your digital marketing strategies this year and have a very merry, and prosperous, 2022.

Small business SMS strategies to help you connect with your clients

“When I built Stemless, it was to help retailers and brands reach out to their customers in ways that made sense. With so much to do and little retail staff to do it, I wanted to make sure that our retail and brand clients had the ability to have the furthest customer reach possible. That’s why automations, real time data collection through POS integrations, and detailed analytics are such a pivotal part of our platform. 

Empowering our retailers and brands to compete with the Targets, Walmarts and Coca Colas of the world has been our mission from day one and we’re so happy to still be in a position to do that for thousands of retailers and brands across North America 7 years later.”

Koushi Sunder, Founder and CEO of Stemless